Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm
Appointment Only. On-line Booking Preferred.
6065 Roswell Road Suite 405, Sandy Springs, Ga 30328
Located within: Northside Tower ( Signature Bank Building)
handicap accessible with elevator access from main entrance and underground parking deck

Welcome and Thank you for choosing Buff'd Wellness

2024 Best Massage Therapy Studio.  This is an independent solo-practice where you will receive my undivided attention from the moment you first contact me. I do not operate on a franchise factory level and rates pumping people in and out. I spend quality time with you and you'll receive every minute you're paying for, not the Spa 50minute treatment! I have been practicing since 2005 and travel all over the U.S. to continue learning the most advanced techniques to provide you with the best care. My treatments include all my techniques and tools in the flat rate, gratuities are not necessary. 
There is no receptionist, which is why I prefer on-line booking and editing your appointments. 


REQUEST TO SCHEDULE. Complete form for review. Your appointment will then be approved or denied. 

Or ADD TO WAITLIST If you do not see your desired time, within business hours, and you'll be notified if it opens up.
Bodywork: Please wear or bring athleisure wear, gym clothes, soft material that you can move in for movement screenings for NeuroKinetic Therapy. Ladies make sure your sports bra has minimal material over the spine.
Skincare: Please follow precautions provided for treatments. You may need to start or stop taking/using certain medications or products.  

No form of exfoliation minimum 1 week before and after your facial treatment. Injectibles minimum 2 weeks. More info below.
If you have any scheduling conflicts, please utilize the on-line scheduler to edit your appointment. Access allowed prior to 24hrs.


You can expect Clinical Treatments with a Spa Touch at Buff’d Wellness, tailored to meet your needs based on our consultation.
Communication is highly encouraged, if you are experiencing any discomfort or pain, please speak up, in the moment, as it will be helpful to your current and future treatments. If you really like something, I like to know that too! 
Talking during session- that's up to you, it's your time; it does distract me, depending on what we're focusing on, I may need your undivided attention to treat your concerns.   


We will discuss how your body feels, how your skin looks and feels?
Discuss a customized treatment plan, and set up your next visit(s).
I will follow up after your session(s) to check in on how you're feeling from your treatment. 
Again, all information, negative and positive, is important for your progress. It will not hurt my feelings if something is not working out for you right now.
We will find what does! 
Gratuities are Not necessary!  the price you see is the price you pay. 
The best way to show your appreciation is to recommend me to your friends, family, healthcare providers, and share a testimonial in your groups, and Google. 
Share your experience here on Google  https://g.page/buffdwellness/review?gm
If you did not enjoy your time with me, I welcome all feedback, please let me know how I could have made the session to your liking, and the opportunity to deliver on your next visit, if possible. 


All appointments require a valid credit card to reserve your preferred date and time of treatment,
Click REQUEST to schedule (pay after session), select service, date, and time, enter CC#. Your form will be reviewed and appointment will be accepted or denied.
Click ADD TO CART, (pre-pays) service will be banked in your accounts under packages. You still need to schedule your appointment. 
No Walk-ins. No couples treatments (at same time) unless otherwise arranged. 
The Vagaro software allows 1 e-mail address per person/profile, if you are having any difficulties. 
On-line booking is recommended as I am a solo-practitioner and unable to answer the phone when I am in a treatment or outside of business hours. If you have questions please leave a message to have your call returned or you can put your concerns in the notes section when booking on-line.
  • Once your request is accepted: an immediate appointment notification is sent, a reminder is sent 48 hours in advanced and 2 hours in advance as a courtesy. You are responsible for the time you scheduled and respectfully agree to the Cancellation Policy below. 
  • Your appointment time is when your treatment/hands on time begins. Don't let your session start without you. Please understand that your appointment reserves time just for YOU. Extending your appointment beyond the end time due to your tardiness is not permissible. This allows you to keep your schedule as well as mine on track. To be fair and for me to provide these services these policies below must be enforced.   
  • If you are really early, please wait in your car. Do Not enter more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment without approval.  You can text me that you can come earlier than your scheduled session, if my schedule allows, it may benefit us both to start your session earlier. Otherwise, I may need the break or take care of business. 
  • Please text me to let me know if you are running late for your session. 15+ minutes late will be considered a "No Show" with a Full Charge to the card on file. If payment is not received, your privileges will be revoked and you will be banned until reconciled. 

Cancellation List

If you would like an appointment and do not see the time available, you can select "add to Waitlist" on the desired date or text me to be notified if any openings become available. Please also book an available time in case I can not fit you in sooner.

• If you have a conflict, please give as much notice as possible. This time is reserved just for You.
I will give you the same respect for your time should I need to cancel or reschedule, which is rare.
• Cancel/change within 24 hours of your appointment: $50 cancellation fee, or 50% of the full session rate (whichever is greater.) You can avoid this by sending someone in your place!
• Cancel/change same day or Fail to show with no notice: Full charge.

You are responsible for notifying me, and getting a response from me, if you are not able to keep your appointment. I do respond as promptly as I can to these notices.  Technology is not perfect. If you do not receive a response from me, I didn't get it.  

  • Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances made at any time will result in immediate termination of the session and future business. You will be liable for the Full payment + 5% processing fee, of the scheduled appointment. I will also notify the authorities and my fellow colleagues of your actions and disrespect. 
  • INJECTABLES- Buff'd Wellness prefers to wait 7 days after any injectables: botox, juvederm, restylane, etc. to allow the product, and any bruising or swelling, to settle before receiving a massage and/or facial treatment, and to prevent moving the product out of the intended areas.
  • PERMANENT MAKE-UP- Buff'd Wellness prefers to wait at least 7-30 days after treatment to allow your skin to heal. Please inform me if you have any permanent make-up application to maintain the color. Not responsible if I'm not informed.
  • ACCUTANE- Buff'd Wellness prefers to wait a minimum of 6 months after the cessation of prescription before providing any skincare treatments.
  • SUN EXPOSURE-Please avoid over exposure to the sun prior to any treatment and especially after skincare treatment with aggressive exfoliation.
  • POST SKINCARE TREATMENTS- Please use the recommended products pertaining to the service received & use SPF Daily! Not responsible for adverse reactions if proper care is not followed.
  • If you, or another person in your household, has an infectious or contagious illness, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment for a later date until your body is well.
Special Needs
  • Each client is unique, so please let me know in advance if you have medical conditions such as allergies, heart conditions, diabetes, pregnancy, etc. This will allow me to personalize your services.
Courtesy Cues
  • Please refrain from Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and pain medication prior to your appointment. Massage increases circulation and can increase any effects on the body. Please do not bring any food or children.
Please leave valuables at home. Buff'd Wellness will not be responsible for any misplaced/forgotten belongings.

Gift Certificate Policy

  • Can be transferable unless otherwise stated, good for services or products of the recipients choice for the value purchased, not redeemable for cash. When booking, a credit card is still required for reserving your time. Cancellation policy applies the same. Redemption of Gift Certificate will be made following the service. 
  • After one year from purchase, if the recipient has not utilized the gift card, the original purchaser has the option to redeem for use after notifying the gift recipient. After one year from purchase, an inactivity fee of $20 is applied monthly until a $0 Balance is reached.  Valid until expiration date or close of business. Printed Gift Certificates may not be reloaded. Complimentary Gift Certificates have no cash value and a short expiration date for use.
  • Refund Policy- Should the original recipient not want the gift card, the purchaser may gift it to someone else, or use for themself.  Buff'd Wellness will not be responsible for lost/stolen gift cards. If you would like a full refund, please contact, within 30 days. 
Merchandise Return Policy
  • Buff'd Wellness gladly accepts returns on items, purchased at Buff'd Wellness, that are unopened, defective, or may have caused an allergic reaction. The return must be made within 10 days of the original purchase with a receipt or purchase record. Buff'd Wellness cannot accept returned items if more than 10% of the product has been used. 
Service Refund Policy
  • All Services must be paid in full at end of service. No Refunds on Services rendered. For pre-paid packages, if services were received, the balance of the full rate will be deducted, and the remaining balance may be refunded, within 30 days of purchase, not beyond expiration.