Spa Experience

Balanced Bliss - This will surely melt all your stress and tension away and have your skin glowing. Therapeutic Massage tailored to your needs, with warm microfiber sheets and heated neck pillow, and Customized Facial seamlessly blended together for a unique spa experience, like no other. (Most Popular Service). Curated for men too! 
90min $155 (Full Massage/ Express Facial)
 $195   (Full Massage/ Full Facial)   For your Valentine! 
Bliss Sampler
- For a little bit of everything. 30 minute Massage targeting neck, back, and shoulder tension, 30 minute Express Facial to gently exfoliate and hydrate for that flawless glow, and Lavender Foot Scrub and Foot Massage!  60 minutes total. $105

Therapeutic Massage

Every session begins with a consult to discuss your concerns and goals.
Just need to relax and melt away the stress?  
Sessions are curated to relieve your pain, stress, and tension from Life, Work, Sport, and/or Pregnancy (Tri-mester1-3 and beyond). 
Select the desired length of treatment time Now! Indulge by adding on a Customized Facial, you'll find under "Spa Experience"
(Couples sessions together at the same time not available)

30min $65.   45min $85.   60min $105.  75min $125.   90min $145. 120min $185.

Buy (3) Save 5%,  Buy (6) Save 10%.
Packages Not available on-line.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

Have you tried EVERTHING but still have pain?!
NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT)
can help where traditional hands-on therapies leave you coming back every 2-4 weeks chasing the same pain! 
An assessment begins to see where your body has trouble functioning, NKT tests neurologic signal to muscles/structures involved, corrects, and integrates it into a better movement pattern that eliminates your pain. You remain fully dressed in the session. Please wear comfortable athletic clothing that allows you to move.
If you have: scar tissue, muscle pain, joint pain, shoulder/hip rotator cuff dysfunction, nerve pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, pelvic floor pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, foot/ankle pain, hip pain, balance issues... schedule your session Now! 

Stop chasing the Pain. NKT is The Missing Link to finding the Source of your pain to help you feel better and move better.
NKT helps in your sport as well, hit a plateau, or need a little help reaching your PR?!   schedule your session Now! 

What people are saying about NKT!

This was such an amazing experience! I booked super last minute for the following morning and was able to be seen. I was experiencing achillies pain and thought a massage might do the trip. Once arrived, Michelle examined my posture and performed some NKT methods and I KID YOU NOT, without even touching my achilles, the pain went away. She was beyond knowledgeable, kind and talented and will be telling everyone about her practice.  -Branden White

Michelle was wonderful! Very knowledgeable. I had hip pain when I walked in, and I walked out without any pain.
She's a PT and a massage therapist rolled into one. Highly recommend.  -Lillah Bezara

Michelle was able to find the underlying causes for the pain and instability I was experiencing. I was truly amazed to discover what was actually at the root of my issues! Not just addressing the muscle that were painful but determining what muscles, which seemed insignificant, were actually the culprits. Follow up with a great massage to release all that stress. Thank you Michelle I'll be back!  -Cindy Ciaccio

Michelle has helped me significantly as she was able to help me identify instabilities in my body. Once identified, I was provided with a wellness plan that allowed me to get my entire body functioning properly. This plan also addressed hip pain that I had experienced for over two years. I am beyond thankful for the treatment that I've received!  -Crystal McAdams

Celluma LED Therapy

Improves cellular health to relieve muscle, joint pain and stiffness, arthritic pain, and accelerates wound healing.  
Inspired by light. Proven by Science. Look forward to pain-free days!  Single treatment $55 30min. Buy 6 10% OFF $300

Corporate/Event Wellness

On-site Massage is a convenient way to provide relaxation and relieve stress without disrupting the workday. The massage is approximately 10-15 minutes, typical break time, but can go up to 30-60 minutes, with many benefits beyond relaxation. Even a short massage increases serotonin, boosts immune systems to reduce flu symptoms, alleviates pain and stress and improves sleep. Take care of the whole person, not just your employee, add a wellness component to your Employee Assistance Program, and increase your bottom line.   Contact for  (monthly, bi-weekly, half day/day, & hourly rates)