Monthly Wellness Program

This program is a perfect fit for you if...
  • You would like to feel the benefits of regular therapeutic massage and/or facials.
    -Clients who switch from just occasional massages and facials in a year to a monthly session have all reported better,longer, lasting results, fewer injuries, healthier immune system, and flawless youthful complexion.
    -Did you just join a new gym, get a trainer, or fitness challenge? You will need Massage for recovery healing. 
  • You need a little discipline in your self-care routine
    -Busy schedules and the everyday things that come up in our lives ​can make it easy to put ourselves last or forget to schedule what we need. Joining this program helps to ensure that each month you have set aside some seriously needed self-care
  • You like exclusive Perks with your services.
    -While packages offer a good savings, it can be challenging at times to commit to a large lump sum all at once. Our program helps you make more manageable payments each month at a time. Your card is kept on file to make hassle free payments on the first of each month automatically.

​So how does the program work?

  • Choose your perfect service(s) to receive monthly :  Spa Experience, Customized Facial, or Therapeutic Massage
  • Choose the frequency within one month
  • Enjoy $15 Spa Bucks each month to be used towards: Services, Products, and Gift Certificates
  • Enjoy a Special Birthday Perk
  • Enjoy VIP scheduling
  • You will be billed automatically on the first day of each month
  • You will not lose any unused sessions and can pause at anytime
  • 3o day notice to cancel program at any time after first 3 months
  • Not to be combined with any other promo or discount
  • Book your next session(s) to ensure you get your perfect day and time

If you're interested in becoming a Wellness Member, you must be an existing client that has received at least one service. If you are not yet a client please schedule a service to meet and after we will decide if this program will be a good fit for you. 2019 will be your year to take care of you! #selfcare #metime #wellness